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Behind the Horns

Mar 3, 2020

Michael and Marcus dive into the topics of strain, recovery, and sleep with Will Ahmed, Founder and CEO of WHOOP, a wearable fitness tracker that uses a holistic approach to interpreting data to help users better understand how their bodies function.  WHOOP began with a focus on helping professional athletes learn how to treat their bodies and has partnered with many major sports organizations. Today, WHOOP not only helps professional athletes, but applies to people in their everyday lives, including CrossFitters, youth athletes, and CEOs.

(1:08) WHOOP’s mission. 

(7:03) Generating revenue.

(9:09) Making data digestible. 

(11:12) Recovery. 

(14:08) Sleep. 

(18:29) Health. 

(19:42) Nutrition. 

(22:52) Wearable technology.

(28:32) WHOOP for CrossFitters. 

(30:09) Expanding outside professional athletes.

(31:44) Youth athletes. 

(33:05) What keeps you up at night?

(34:58) Maintaining company culture. 

(39:13) Will’s travel tips.