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Behind the Horns

Dec 30, 2019

Michael and Marcus sit down with Brooke, Katrin, and Tia prior to the Fitness Film Festival to discuss their experiences with filming Who I've Always Been, and also with Todd Meleney, VP of Marketing, after the premiere to catch up about the inspiration for the film and how it was created. 

(00:35) Todd discusses...

Dec 16, 2019

Michael and Marcus talk with NOBULL Athlete, Sam Dancer, about the evolution of their friendship and sponsorship and about how Sam balances fitness and service.

(1:23) 2015 East Coast Championship.

(6:38) Life in a van.

(8:27) Importance of Working Out and Working In. 

(11:15) Breathwork (The Oxygen Advantage by Patrick...

Dec 10, 2019

Michael and Marcus talk with Gil Blander, Founder and Chief Scientific Officer of InsideTracker, a personalized nutrition platform that helps people live a longer, better life based on understanding data from a blood test.  

(1:00) What is InsideTracker?

(2:18) CrossFitters data versus other athletes.

(4:03) Dietary...

Oct 21, 2019

Michael and Marcus talk with Chris Hoppe from The Phoenix. The Phoenix is a sober active community that provides free community activities for people who are in recovery for substance use disorder. Chris talks about addiction, long-term recovery and the amazing work The Phoenix chapters are doing around the country.

Sep 27, 2019

Michael and Marcus talk to Rory McKernan, CrossFit OG and author, about the early days of CrossFit and how his world has been evolving in some amazing ways this year.

(3:51) Rory’s journey with CrossFit.

(8:47) Joining the CrossFit team. 

(12:18) 2008 Crossfit Games.

(13:13) Globality of NOBULL and CrossFit.